Spotify Premium Duo plan launches with special playlist, $12.99 price

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Spotify has offered a family plan for years, getting you up to six people each with their own Spotify Premium account for $14.99 per month. Some families are a bit smaller than that, though, and so Spotify has now rolled out a plan for them, too.

Spotify Premium Duo is a new music streaming plan for couples. It’s offers separate Spotify Premium accounts for two people living at the same address for $12.99 (or the market equivalent) per month.¬†

Each member of a Spotify Premium Duo plan gets their own playlists and the usual assortment of Spotify Premium features, including ad-free, on-demand listening, and downloads for offline playback.

One special perk of the Spotify Premium Duo plan is the Duo Mix, which is a regularly updated playlist full of tunes that both people like. There are Chill and Upbeat toggles in the playlist to help you make the Duo Mix fit your current mood.

Spotify’s Premium Duo plan is now available in 55 markets, including the US.

This new plan looks like a nice offering for couples who both want to subscribe to streaming music. Most services offer a family plan, including Spotify, that give you five or six members for $15 per month. This new Spotify Premium Duo plan allows couples to each get their own Spotify Premium account and save a few bucks per month compared to the full-on family plan, and they get the fun Duo Mix that lets them quickly put a playlist on with music they can both enjoy.

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