Spotify working on a fix for today’s outage


Earlier today, Spotify unveiled a newly redesigned app for its Premium members. Unfortunately, Premium users have no way of testing out the app since its service is currently unavailable.

Just hours after the redesigned app rolled out, the streaming music provider has encountered an outage. The outage, first detected at 8:22 AM ET, was reported by several disappointed Premium users and outage tracking websites. reported a total of 3,448 complaints, which affected users from mostly the upper northeast part of the country including California and some parts of Florida and Texas. According to the website, 80% of the complaints were on users’ inability to stream music, 14% complained they were unable to use the website, and 5% complained about not being able to use a Sonos smart speaker with Spotify.

Spotify did not acknowledge the outage on its Twitter account dedicated to Spotify Status, but has since confirmed the issue directly with TechCrunch. Its customer support has also responded to customers via Twitter to assure them that they have already been made aware of the problem and are working on fixing it real soon.

Considering the app redesign rollout went live today, many could not help but think that this had something to do with the outage. Spotify, however, refuted these claims. The music streaming provider did not provide any further information on what is causing the outage. But they are working hard to get the service back online.


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