T-Mobile extends eSIM support to postpaid lines

iPhone XS Max

Eight months after launching eSIM support on prepaid lines, T-Mobile has now extending the feature to postpaid lines.

T-Mobile customers can now activate a postpaid line on eSIM with a supported device. Right now, T-Mobile says that its eSIM service is compatible with the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

If you’d like to activate an eSIM on a postpaid line, you can do so by visiting a T-Mobile store. Customers who already have a physical SIM card and an eSIM-capable device can swap the physical SIM for an eSIM by going to a T-Mobile store or contacting customer support.

Having an eSIM could be useful in a few different situations. For example, lots of people carry two different phones with two phone numbers for work, but eSIM would allow them to carry a single device and lighten their load every day. It’s great to see T-Mobile finally extend its eSIM support to postpaid lines, but hopefully more compatible devices will be added soon, including some Android options.

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