T-Mobile launching Essentials Unlimited 55 plan with two lines for $55 per month

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T-Mobile is expanding its rate plan options for customers age 55 or higher.

T-Mobile Essentials Unlimited 55 is launching tomorrow, September 6. Like the Unlimited 55+ plan that T-Mo launched two years ago, the new Essentials Unlimited 55 plan is only available to customers age 55 and up. T-Mo warns that the new plan will only be available for a limited time.

Pricing is set at $55 per month with autopay for two voice lines, and it’s important to note that that price does not include taxes and fees. Customers can also sign up for a single line for $40 per month with autopay and taxes and fees.

Customers who sign up for Essentials Unlimited 55 will get unlimited talk, text, and data, 3G mobile hotspot usage, SD video streaming, access to T-Mobile Tuesdays, and texting while abroad. Subscribers who want 4G LTE hotspot usage can get 10GB of it for an additional $10 per month.

If you’re interested in signing up for the Essentials Unlimited 55 plan, you will need to provide a valid government proof of age, like a driver’s license or passport. New customers will be able to get it in stores starting tomorrow, while existing customers can sign up in-store or over the phone.

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