T-Mobile may offer free Quibi to customers with two or more lines

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Quibi is a new streaming service that’s set to launch next month, and it looks like T-Mobile customers may get access for free.

T-Mobile will give customers free access to Quibi, with the promo to be announced in the coming weeks, reports Protocol. However, the deal won’t be available to everyone. It’s said that only customers with two or more lines on T-Mo’s “most popular postpaid plans”, like Magenta or T-Mobile One, will be eligible.

Customers who do qualify will reportedly get access to Quibi’s $4.99 per month ad-supported service for free. Quibi streaming will be available on one screen at a time with this plan.

Quibi also plans to offer a $7.99 per month ad-free version of its service, but it’s unclear if T-Mobile will let customers pay the difference and get this version rather than the version with ads.

Finally, today’s report says that T-Mobile will continue to offer free Netflix to eligible customers, so folks who are getting free Netflix now through T-Mo don’t have to worry about losing it once these Quibi promotion goes live.

Quibi is a new video streaming service that’s launching on April 6th. It’ll focus on “quick bites” of video that are 10 minutes or less, and Quibi has said that it’s aiming to launch 175 shows with 8,500 episodes in its first year with new content being released every weekday.

There will be shows that include names like Bill Murray, Steven Spielburg, and Chrissy Teigen on Quibi, and the service will include entertainment like Reno 911! as well as new programs from the BBC and NBC News.

Another highlight of Quibi is called “Turnstyle”. This will enable you to switch your device between portrait and landscape orientations to get a different point of view on whatever you’re watching.¬†

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