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Predictive Texting – A Blessing Or A Curse?

Most mobile phones in this day and age have an option for predictive texting – a system whereby using the alphanumeric keypad on your phone, you can tap in messages one key press at a time, as opposed to the older way of hitting the “2” key twice to get a letter B, and so forth. This is a beneficial innovation in many ways, but as is the nature with all predictions, predictive texting can be inaccurate. If your phone has an alphanumeric keypad, take it out […]

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A World Without Cell Phones

It often seems difficult to imagine yourself in a world without mobile phones, even if to all intents and purposes we were all doing exactly that not so long ago. But when you think about the prevalence in the present day of the cell phone, it is clear that if they were taken away tomorrow the world would be a very different place. Think about how you react now if you are delayed in returning from work or a shopping trip. If you are stuck in transport, […]

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What Does Your Cell Phone Say About You?

In this day and age, just about everyone has a cell phone and there are so many models on the market that “brand loyalty” has become an issue. Some people change their mobile phone every few months, slavishly taking up every new development – phones get thinner, smaller, more colorful, more powerful and more desirable in a certain way – while others stick with their current phone until it no longer works. Your own approach can be informative. Many people have the same mobile phone now that […]

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Do You Rely Too Much On Your Phone?

As technology develops to service a market hungry for the next innovation, there are always going to be people who are so struck by the brilliance of the new technology that they come to see it as a human need as important as oxygen, food or water. People develop addictions to technology which may not be seen as serious by everyone, but to some can be extremely debilitating. As a caveat, it is important to state that a cell phone addiction is not, in terms of physiological […]

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The Advent Of Text Speak – A Good Thing Or A Nightmare?

ith the popularity of text messages since the end of the last century came the birth – or at least the mutation – of “text speak“. This was a way of shortening words so that a message could be sent containing as much information as 160 characters would allow. For some people, it was a way of squashing down a message so that it could be sent for as little money as possible. For others, it became the way that they conversed in text form. Even if […]

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The Text Message Revolution

Back when the idea of mobile phones for all was still a science-fiction idea, most of us would probably have imagined that the thing which would get cell phones into the “everyday accessory” category would be the way that they allowed you to make phone calls wherever you went in the world. However, it could be argued that the real tipping point had little to do with voice calls. As the 20th century came to an end, the world saw a new innovation – text messaging. From […]

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