Taking Photographs With Your Phone

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There was a time, and it was not too long ago, when the idea of a phone that takes pictures would have been the stuff of a James Bond storyline.

Sure, it would be nice to have, we thought.

But when you think about it, is a phone that takes photographs any more sensible or necessary than a shoe that tells you what day it is?

Fast forward to the present day, and camera phones are a way of life.

About twenty years ago, there were some prototype videophones that allowed you to make phone calls where you could be seen and heard – and this may be what most of us had in mind when we thought of video phones.

But in the present day, most of us use them to capture and store images and moving video of things we see and do.

The camera phone has taken off to such an extent that the camera technology used is developing at an astonishing rate, with many phones on the market that have more powerful cameras than most people would have in their homes as a dedicated camera.

Camera phone footage is increasingly being used in news broadcasts and on websites.

In some cases, there has been an argument for the theory that camera phones have their own problems for society.

With the fact that they are phones as well as cameras in mind, it is possible to take photographs surreptitiously while pretending to be sending a text.

This is a problem that has some potential solutions, but which will continue to cause issues for some time to come.

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