TCL 10 Pro and 10L will get at least one Android OS update, two years of security patches

TCL 10 Pro first impressions video

Interested in the TCL 10 Pro or TCL 10L that we recently took a look at? If so, there’s a new piece of info about them today that may help influence your decision about them.

TCL has confirmed that it will provide at least one major Android OS update to both the 10 Pro and 10L. Additionally, both phones will get security updates every two months for two years.

Here’s the official statement that TCL gave to Android Authority:

“We can confirm both the TCL 10 Pro and TCL 10L will, at minimum, receive one major OS update as well as SMR updates every two months for 2 years.”

Both the TCL 10 Pro and 10L come with Android 10 preloaded, so today’s news means that they’ll be updated to Android 11. And TCL does say they’ll get one Android OS update “at minimum”, so it’s possible that the phones could get Android 12, too.

While TCL isn’t a brand new company, they are fairly new to releasing smartphones under their own name. The 10 Pro and 10L are the first phones to be sold under the TCL name in North America. Because of that, this might be the first time that some consumers are hearing of TCL, and so guaranteeing at least one major OS update and two years of security updates can help those people feel more confident about buying a TCL phone.

If the TCL 10 Pro and 10L have piqued your interest, you can check out our hands on video with the TCL 10 Pro here and you can find our TCL 10L unboxing video here

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