The Convenience Of Mobile Phones

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In many ways, it is stunning just how maligned the cell phone has become in our society. Although most of us have them, most of us also have things we complain about with regard to our phone.

Maybe it gets poor coverage, maybe it has short battery life. It could be that we don’t like the way our phone sometimes seems to give us our text messages when it feels the need.

However, on balance it would seem that most of us have more to be happy with than unhappy when it comes to our mobile phone. They have certainly increased the level of convenience in everyday life.

There was a time, not so long ago, when an answerphone was something attached only to the home phones of people who could afford one. Now, it’s a standard feature of every cell phone.

This means that if we aren’t there to answer a call, at least a message can be left and, in most cases, listened to at no charge when the phone user is next able to take a few moments.

Along with the convenience of text messages – they wait in your inbox until you have a chance to read them – this has made it easier to keep up to date while still going about your business.

In addition to that, remembering numbers always used to be something of a pain, and even writing them down in a personal phone book meant that you needed to stop and sit down to make a call.

With a cell phone, you store the number and then find the name when you need it – and hey presto, you make the call.

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