Third-generation Chromecast purchased at Best Buy before its official announcement

Third generation Google Chromecast

Google may introduce a new Chromecast model at its event on October 9th, but one lucky person may have gotten their hands on the upcoming device early.

Reddit user GroveStreetHomie says that they went to Best Buy to get a Chromecast and found this model with updated packaging. When they tried to buy it, the Best Buy employee couldn’t scan the device because it wasn’t in the system and had a release date of October 9th. Since they already had it and the device has the same price as the current Chromecast, though, Best Buy went ahead and sold this new Chromecast.

This third generation Chromecast model is described as seeming “a little thicker” than the current Chromecast. It has a matte top rather than a glossy finish like the current model, and the Chrome logo has been replaced by a “G” logo. The device is still microUSB, and Google apparently removed the magnetic HDMI connector from this updated model.

Unfortunately, the Reddit user says that they can’t set this new Chromecast up yet because it says that it requires a Google Home app update that hasn’t been released yet.

We saw a new Chromecast device with Bluetooth and improved Wi-Fi connectivity in the FCC last month, and so it’s possible that this device purchased from Best Buy is that model. The new Chromecast sold by Best Buy has the model number NC2-6A5, which is the same as the current Chromecast but is also the same model number that we saw on the updated model in the FCC.

If this new Chromecast is indeed the updated model with Bluetooth and improved Wi-Fi, will you buy one?

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