Titanium RED Hydrogen One delayed, pre-order customers get free aluminum model

RED Hydrogen One official

We got another update on the RED Hydrogen One this week, and unfortunately, it’s not good news.

RED founder Jim Jannard says that the first run of the titanium Hydrogen One “is a disaster” and “all fail”. Jannard adds that while all of RED’s cameras are made in California where the company has control over the manufacturing process, that’s not the case with the Hydrogen One. “We are left to rely on the schedules and representations of our suppliers. In this case… we were let down pretty severly,” he explains.

In order to make up for this delay of the titanium RED Hydrogen One, Jannard says that all pre-order customers who selected a titanium model will receive an aluminum RED Hydrogen One when that model begins shipping. And when the titanium versions are being made correctly, those pre-order customers will get their device. Those folks will be able to keep both phones.

The titanium version of the RED Hydrogen One is the pricier version of the phone, coming in at a price of $1,595. Customers who pre-ordered the device paid for it more than one year ago, and so it’s understandable that some may be frustrated that they now have to wait longer for their device. In exchange for the added wait, though, those folks are getting a second phone for free while they wait for their titanium model to come, which seems like a pretty good way to make up for the issue.

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