Unannounced Google Chromecast with updated design sold at a Best Buy

We’ve seen a lot of upcoming Google products leak recently, including both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and the Home Hub. Now we may be getting an early look at another unannounced Google device.

The third-generation Google Chromecast was recently purchased by Reddit user GroveStreetHomie. The story goes that they went to Best Buy to get a Chromecast, saw this new model with updated packaging, and tried to buy it. The Best Buy cashier couldn’t scan the Chromecast because it wasn’t in the system yet since the release date is October 9th, but since it was at the checkout and had the same price as the current Chromecast, the Best Buy cashier sold it.

Compared to the current Chromecast, this new model is described as being a little thicker. It’s also ditched the glossy finished and Chrome logo for a matte finish and a Google “G”. It’s still microUSB and has lost the magnetic HDMI connector, reports GroveStreetHomie.

The bad news is that this new Chromecast apparently required an update to the Google Home app that hasn’t been released yet, so the person who bought it was unable to actually use it and see what’s new.

The new Chromecast is model number NC2-6A5, which is the same as the current Chromecast and also the same as the updated model that we recently saw passing through the FCC. That version included Bluetooth and improved Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, since this new Chromecast from Best Buy can’t actually be used, it’s unclear if it’s the same model that we saw in the FCC, but that’s certainly a possibility. We should learn more at Google’s event on October 9th, so stay tuned.

SOURCE: Android and Me – Read entire story here.

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