US Cellular eliminating overages, giving out extra data in response to coronavirus

US Cellular logo

We’ve seen several carriers give their customers a hand during the coronavirus outbreak, including waiving late fees and giving extra data, and now US Cellular has announced new ways that it’s giving its customers a hand.

US Cellular has announced that it’s eliminating overage charges for customers on legacy plans. That includes Shared Connect and other postpaid and prepaid plans with data limits.

Additionally, customers on a limited 2GB of 6GB plan will not be throttled to 2G speeds after they use their allotments. Extra data provided beyond your plan will be at speeds “suitable for standard definition video quality.”

US Cellular is also giving Unlimited Everyday and Even Better Plan customers an extra 15GB of mobile hotspot usage.

These changes are automatically kicking in today, so customers don’t need to do anything to get them. They’ll be in effect through the end of May.

Earlier this month we learned that US Cellular had taken the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge. This means that for the 60 days after taking the pledge, US Cellular will waive any late fees that customers incur due to the coronavirus pandemic, nor will it terminate service of customers unable to pay their bill.

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