US Mobile getting ready to launch its 5G plans


US Mobile has just announced their own 5G network launch. In order to deliver 5G speed, the prepaid carrier makes use of a combination of high-frequency mmWaves and advanced network techniques like Adaptive Beam Switching and combinations of MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and Carrier Aggregation. As a result of this, the company is able to treat all 5G traffic equally with the highest priority. In areas where 5G is not yet available, users will be switched to 4G LTE connection. 

In line with their 5G network launch, US Mobile is gearing up to unveil its new 5G plans. The prepaid carrier shares that they are offering the most affordable option for people to access 5G. Their 5G plans start at $65 per month for one line, $55 per month for the second line, and $50 per month for succeeding lines. As a perk, these lines will be eligible to receive perks from US Mobile. Some of the perks include subscriptions to Netflix, Disney+, and many more. Every unlimited 5G line also includes up to 15GB high-speed international roaming. 

US Mobile will be unveiling its multi-line 5G plans in early July. But if you wish to be among the first to sign up for the service, you can join the waiting list for a special plan. This plan will give you 3 months of service under the 5G plan for $100. You can click here to learn more about this offer


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