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Extracting complete and unaltered information from mobie phones and smartphones is vital for any investigation. A cell phone can be a ‘black box’ providing invaluable information for a criminal investigation. A doubt in the authenticity of data extracted from the device immediately dismisses any value the data could have as court eidence, and negates its usefulness for investigation purposes.

Modern mobile phones contain much more information than most people realize. Symbian OS based smartphones store data such as call list, SMS events, GPRS and Wi.Fi data connections in system event logs, but no access to such data is provided with any of the original manufacturer’s consumer tools or commercially available alternatives. Sony Ericsson smartphones store even more information, and have even less extraction support from the manufacturer and the third parties.

Information obtained from cellular phones with the help of Oxygen Forensic Suite is authentic enough to be recognized as cout evidence.

Technically, Oxygen Forensic Suite is one of the most advanced data extraction tools on the market. It is also among the most compatible ones, supporting over 300 different Nokia phones and smartphones based on Symbian OS. Symbian smartphones are manufactured by numerous companies, including BenQ, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, and Vodafone.

Oxygen Software fully stands behind its products, and adds support for the new phones shortly after they are released on the market.

Basic information extracted by Oxygen Forensic Suite starts with information about the phone itself such as its model, serial number, and IMEI and SIM.card data. This is followed by detailed address book and contact lists including the phone numbers, pictures, e.mail addresses, and fax numbers.

Also extracted are caller groups, logs of calls that were dialed, received, missed or forwarded, SMS, MMS and E.mail messages including service data, calendars, schedulers and organizer events, To.Do items, text notes, uploaded files and photos taken with the embedded digital camera, video and sound clips, games and Java applications. Oxygen Forensic Suite has access and fully extracts all information contained in a given cell phone.

Oxygen Forensic Suite can be used in any country and extracts data in any language thanks to its full Unicode support. Unlike consumer.grade tools, Oxygen Forensic Suite won’t garble your data when it encounters a non.Latin character.

Extracted data can be conveniently exported in a format of your choice or viewed and analyzed directly.

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