Verizon launches its own tracking device for $99.99


Verizon has launched its new tracking device and it comes with a year’s worth of free service.

Today, the wireless carrier launched the new Verizon Smart Locator at a price of $99.99. The tiny device can be kept along with keys or other possessions that you tend to lose. The locator tracker makes use of Bluetooth, GPS, LTE coverage, and Wi-Fi-based positioning (WPS) to produce “pinpoint accuracy wherever your mobile network is present.”

The Verizon Smart Locator device is comparable to a Tile. The main difference, however, is that the Tile requires the individual to be within Bluetooth range in order to find the missing item it was attached to. Verizon swears that the Smart Locator works even if you are not near the item.

The tracking device comes with a companion Smart Locator Hub app. Through this app, users can make adjustments on the frequency of location pings on their smartphones. They can also use the app to set up other options such as geofencing or adding up to 10 trusted contacts who are able to check the Locator once you’re unable to do so.

The tracking device does not make use of full-on LTE. Instead, it simply uses LTE-M technology, which requires less bandwidth from Verizon’s network. Verizon swears that the device is able to maintain signal and can report location across areas wherein Verizon LTE coverage is present.

With regards to its battery life, the maximum standby time is said to be 5 days. The tracking device can get up to 120 hours of usage time. But the battery drains pretty fast with frequent pings and real-time location tracking.

Along with the $99.99 price tag, Verizon will give users a free year of tracking. Once the free one year service is over, you will have to pay $3 per month to use the Smart Locator.

If you are interested in this tracking tool, visit Verizon’s website to learn more.


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