Verizon launching discount on unlimited plans for college students

Verizon logo HTC 10

Verizon’s got a new discount that’s just for students.

Starting July 2, Verizon will begin offering a discount on its unlimited plans for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate college students. The deal offers $10 per month off an unlimited plan for a single line or $25 per month off two lines of an unlimited plan.

To get this discount you’ll need to provide verification documents that show you’re actively enrolled (including online enrollment” in a US college. This deal is good for a max of 4 years, but you will need to prove that you’re eligible to continue receiving the discount each year.

Finally,  Verizon says that this student discount will be available to both new and existing customers on mix and match unlimited plans. That means if you opt for two lines to get the $25 per month discount, the two lines can have different unlimited plans from Verizon, with choices including Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, and Get More Unlimited.

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