Verizon officially intros four new unlimited plans, launching on August 5

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It’s official: Verizon is launching four new unlimited plans.

Verizon’s new plans are called Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, and Get More Unlimited, and they’re launching on August 5. Verizon will also continue to offer its Just Kids plan that launched back in April. Its current Above, Beyond, and Go Unlimited plans will go away when the new plans launch, but existing customers can keep them if they want.

The new plans can be mixed and matched, letting each person on a family plan pick the plan that best fits their needs.

Verizon Get More, Do More, Play More, Start Unlimited plans

There are a few changes with Verizon’s new unlimited plans compared to the old ones. First of all, lines one through four are $5 cheaper per month compared to the current Above, Beyond, and Go plans, so long as you enroll in autopay. Moving up to five lines or more per month will make each plan $10 cheaper per month compared to the existing plans.

The Get More and Do More plans include half-off a connected tablet or Jetpack hotspot when added to your plan, and the top-end Get More plan now includes 30GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot usage, up from 20GB on the current top-end Above plan. The Get More plan also appears to ditch the current Above plan’s five TravelPasses per month included, which let you use your talk, text, and data when traveling abroad and includes 0.5GB of high speed data per day.

Looking at what each plan has to offer, the top Get More plan gets you unlimited 4G LTE data plus 75GB of premium data, which is the amount of data usage you’ll get before your speeds may be slowed during times of congestion. Also included is 720p HD streaming, unlimited mobile hotspot with 30GB of 4G LTE usage (600Kbps after), 500GB of cloud storage, and Apple Music.

The Do More and Play More plans are the same price but offer slightly different features. Do More gets you 50GB of premium data, 480p video streaming, unlimited mobile hotspot with 15GB at 4G LTE speeds, 500GB of cloud storage, free Apple Music for six months, and 50 percent off a connected tablet or hotspot. Play More includes 25GB of premium data and no tablet discount, but bumps video streaming up to 720p and includes Apple Music as well as unlimited hotspot with 15GB at 4G LTE speeds.

Rounding things out is Start Unlimited, which the cheapest of the four new plans but includes no premium data, no mobile hotspot, no cloud storage, and 480p video streaming. Apple Music is included for six months.

One other detail of the plans is what they offer for 5G. The Get More, Do More, and Play More plans all waive the $10 per month 5G access fee for a limited time, and they include unlimited 5G data, 4K HD video streaming on 5G, and unlimited 5G hotspot. Customers on the Start Unlimited plan can add these 5G features for $10 per month.

Now that they’re official, what do you think of Verizon’s new unlimited plans? Will you be signing up when they launch next week?

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