Verizon revamps its shared data plan lineup

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Last week Verizon refreshed its prepaid service with new plans that include loyalty discounts. But it turns out that that’s not the only plan-related change the big red carrier has made.

Verizon has refreshed is shared data plans. Previously, it offered S (2GB for $35), M (4GB for $50), L (8GB for $70), XL (16GB for $90), and XXL (24GB for $110), as well as a 5GB plan for $40. The folks at Droid-Life have noticed that Verizon has whittled its shared data plan lineup to just two plans.

Now customers can choose either a 5GB or 10GB shared plan. Pricing starts at $55 per month for the 5GB plan, which includes $30 for the plan and $25 per line for access. You do have to enroll in autopay and paperless billing to get that $55 price, though. The price per line goes up to $35 without autopay and paperless billing, bringing the total for one line to $65 per month.

The 10GB plan is $65 per month for a single line, which includes $40 for the plan itself and $25 per line. Again, that per line price includes discounts for autopay and paperless billing. Skipping autopay and paperless billing brings the per line cost to $35, meaning the single line price would be $75 per month.

These shared data plans also include unlimited talk and text; Carryover data, which rolls your unused data from one month into the next; and Safety Mode, which gives you slowed data speeds after you use up your data allotment to help you avoid data overages. You also have the option of buying extra data at a rate of $15 per gigabyte.

It’s good to see Verizon simplify its shared data plan offerings a bit, and so long as you’re ok with autopay and paperless billing, these new plans look like solid improvements over the old options. Plus, these shared data plans are eligible for an employer discount if your work offers one, unlike Verizon’s unlimited rate plans.

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