Verizon shutting down Go90 service

Verizon Go90 was an attempt at a video streaming app by the carrier. The service offered video content from various sources, including exclusive content meant to attract people to the service.

But after almost three years of activity (and lots of money pumped into it by Verizon), the service is shutting down. Sources say that the service will be shut down on July 31 and all of the content rights will be returned to production partners.

Some sources claim that Verizon spent $1.2 billion on the service so far, and with a lack of any real success, we aren’t surprised that it’s being shut down. Employees are allegedly being moved around rather than being laid off, so that’s at least good.

How many of you actually used Go90? Will you miss it? Leave a comment!

SOURCE: Android and Me – Read entire story here.

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