When is the last time you used an HTC smartphone?

HTC Wildfire R70

I remember a time when HTC phones were the only ones I wanted. Not the only ones I used, but genuinely wanted. I used to switch phones a lot back then, from Motorola to HTC to LG to Samsung and whatever else seemed interesting at the time. But it was HTC that I kept going back to more often than not.

And yet, even with that memory in my head, I can only really remember enjoying two devices with the HTC brand on the back (and front). It started with the HTC Hero, the original. The one with the chin. I loved that phone and its four key hardware buttons and that silly trackball.

Maybe the trackball reminded me of good times with a BlackBerry.

Those early days of Android could be pretty rough in some parts, but those were the days of heavy skins and additional features. HTC was certainly no different. The company had different widgets that were both frustrating and truly helpful. I can still remember being able to scroll through Twitter back then right on my home screen just because of a widget. That was pretty great.

I had the Droid Eris for a bit, but it didn’t win my attention like the original Hero did. That changed in 2010, though. The Droid Incredible was, well, pretty incredible, and it reinvigorated my love for an HTC-branded smartphone all over again.

That would eventually fade by the time the Droid Incredible 2 launched in 2011.

I’ve used plenty of HTC phones since then. I even really liked some of the efforts for Windows Phone back in the day. But none of them have come even remotely close to the love I had for the Hero, or even close to the Droid Incredible, honestly. They were forgettable, I guess.

But honestly, I’m glad that HTC is still out there making phones. It’s a company that has seen its fair share of bad quarters and years, handsets that haven’t grabbed the public’s attention in major ways, but it’s still HTC. I don’t want the company going anywhere. In fact, I’m still holding out hope that one day, maybe, just maybe, we’ll see the company launch a true flagship phone that competes with Samsung or Apple.

Will that day come? Who knows. The company did just launch the entry-level Wildfire R70 with three cameras on the back. Maybe the entry- and mid-level markets is where the company will find popularity in 2020 and beyond. But what do you think? When is the last time you used — and loved — an HTC smartphone? Are you hoping to see a comeback of some kind for the company? Let me know!

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