Which mobile OS should be resurrected?


It feels like companies like Apple and Google might be on the cusp of great change here soon. Mostly –maybe– Apple. The company is currently fielding plenty of attention regarding potentially anti-competitive behavior, and the fees associated with the App Store are seeing a lot more scrutiny. Epic Games has picked a very public fight with the maker of the iPhone, and now other companies that have typically remained quiet on the subject are starting to voice their dissent for Apple’s practices, too. So maybe we’re going to see some things change in the near future.

One thing that’s probably not going to change is the market dominance of iOS and Android. But, hey, let’s dream a little, shall we?

Now, I don’t think it’s crazy to say that some of the fees that have become common practice (30%!) should be lowered. And maybe that happens across the board, because this is certainly not something Apple does on its own. But, let’s say it doesn’t and suddenly the market is basically demanding from all of us to resurrect a mobile operating system from the grave. I got this idea because I’ve seen a lot of “I want Windows Phone back now, thanks” on social media, and, hey, I think I’d be okay with Windows Phone coming back, too.

Not Windows Mobile, but Windows Phone proper. Sure, Windows Mobile was just a more direct combination of Windows Phone and Windows 10, but I still miss the heyday of Windows Phone so that’s what I want back. I remember every single one of my old school Windows Phones so fondly, it’s hard not want it back, you know?

But! But. If I had the ability to bring back one mobile OS from the grave that could actually get developer/app support and put up a fight against iOS and Android? I’d bring back webOS in a heartbeat. That’s my choice! I’d love to see webOS running on current generation hardware. And, yes, I’d probably even welcome back the physical keyboards!

This is all fantasy and it doesn’t feel like we’re anywhere near any of this actually happening, of course. iOS and Android aren’t going anywhere any time soon, even if Apple and Google (and the other companies charging fees to use their services/app stores) are forced to make sweeping changes. But we can dream.

What do you think? If you had the ability to bring back any mobile OS from the past, one that’s now long dead, which one would it be and why? Let me know!

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