YouTube Premium subscribers getting 1080p video downloads

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YouTube Premium is getting improved downloads starting this week.

YouTube has confirmed that Premium subscribers can now download videos at 1080p resolution. That’s up from the current limit of 720p. This new 1080p download option will be available in “most Premium markets”, YouTube told The Verge, and it’ll expand to more areas soon.

This new feature is now making its way to YouTube Premium subscribers. Some iPhone owners are already seeing it.

Having the option to download videos at 1080p is a nice improvement for YouTube Premium. While a 1080p video will be larger downloads compared to a 720p video, there are lots of phones out there with 1080p or higher display resolutions, and many of those owners would probably like to take advantage of their high-res screen when watching YouTube videos. Now they’ll have the option of 1080p downloads if they’re a YouTube Premium subscriber.

YouTube Premium 1080p video downloads

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