Contract Or Pay As You Go – Which Way For You?

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When buying a mobile phone, there are any number of questions you need to ask yourself. Do you want all the latest gadgets included, or are you happy with a basic model.

Do you want a phone that can fit in your shirt pocket, or are you happy with one that could double as a doorstop? But one of the most important questions is the one of whether you get a contract or pay as you go phone.

If you get a contract phone, then there is more cost upfront. You need to pay a monthly subscription which is often referred to as “line rental”, even though there is technically no line to speak of.

You may also have to factor into that a monthly cost for your pricing plan. In return for this, you will usually get a set number of texts and calling minutes for free each month, and some other deals.

If you take a pay as you go phone, then you will need to purchase credit for it occasionally. This credit will then be deducted when you make a call, send a text or, with a newer phone, use the internet.

You may be able to get certain deals which allow you free minutes and calls, but this will depend on how much credit you buy and use.

It is generally considered that if you use your phone often you will benefit more from having a contract, whereas if you simply have it as a way of being contacted and sending the occasional text or making a call occasionally, pay as you go works out cheaper.

But the choice is up to you.

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