Why are Cellular Phones a NO in Public Places?

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Mobile phones are great invention. They have attributed to the advancement of our communications in these modern times but on the other side, they have caused a lot of negative effects especially for the public. Yes, mobile phones have been a cause of public hassles. The misuse of this device could really be a headache for many.

Have you encountered this scene: you are in a public bus; an extremely loud ringing tone destroys the moment? Then, an extremely loud voice started to be like a chatterbox… you could hear even the most private conversations… without any pinch of discreet manner from the user. Why are these people doing such?

Perhaps one of the main reasons we resent people using a mobile in close proximity to us is because we only ever hear half the conversation. It doesn’t make sense. We are naturally curious and like a puzzle with half the pieces missing we frustrated by being unable to see the complete picture.”

Indeed, No matter how we deny, we could not ignore listening to mobile phone conversations of others in a bus, a train, in the mall or any public place for that matter. Yes, listening and not hearing. Therefore, it is on purpose. This scene makes you annoyed, right?

Another one, you are down with all your appetite- eating lunch at your desk since you have a very short lunch break. In the middle of it, you just stop right off the bat because of a phone ringing somewhere. Is it not so disruptive? We are supposed to turn our mobile phones in a silent mode when we are at work; we are in a public place…

Ringing tones are cool and they are at any rate, a form of self expression. On the other hand, they are not something to show-off. There is always a time for everything.

As a form of good manners and right conduct, show that you have respect for others and you understand what real freedom is. Treat your mobile phone as an extension of your self- use it with the right amount of privacy. You just do not know how many people you get annoyed because of your improper use of the device called- cellular phone.

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