How To Prevent “Mobile Phone Bullying”

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Although the issue of mobile phone bullying is one that has a sense of ignoring the “real issues” – that is to say that it’s bullying per se that should be addressed, rather than a small section of that bullying – it is difficult to defeat bullying as a whole without looking at how it is carried out.

And in the case of mobile phone bullying, there are things that can be done.

If it is the case that a child is being bullied by means of his or her mobile phone – threatening texts or crank calls – then it is possible to change their number and only give the new number to people who can certainly be trusted.

Many if not most providers will provide a number change free of charge is they are told that the current number is being abused by bullies or stalkers.

If it is the case that messages are being spread about the victim of bullying by means of mobile phones, then there is less that can be done by the individual concerned – however, reporting it to the school authorities will mean that any such messages sent on school property can be punished within the school framework – outside of the school, it is a matter for the police.

If it is a case of a child being bullied because their phone is a cheaper model, then it’s a tricky issue.

Spending more to get a better phone is both uneconomical and a red rag to a bully – there is as much chance that they’ll steal the new phone as stop their idiocy.

Reporting any bullying and keeping their phone hidden whenever possible is the best step that can be taken.

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