Pre-paid Mobile Phones – Positive And Negative Views

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Though there are various contracts in getting mobile phone, most people want to prefer prepaid schemes. It is a better alternative to go for a monthly payment contract.

Most of the companies are very much interested in offering these pre-paid services. When a person wants to be economical or he wants to control the cost of mobile service within a limit then they may prefer pre-paid contracts.

Various Advantages

You can get several advantages by using these prepaid mobile phones. As your prepaid minutes are not expiring at the month end, you can make use of those minutes for which you have paid already. These types of mobile services are not expensive. You can get this prepaid service at a low cost. There is no wonder; you can easily get a handset with prepaid plan by spending only less than 50 pounds.

Criticisms of prepaid Mobiles

The talk time of prepaid mobile phones is extremely higher than the post paid services. There are lot of restrictions regarding the expirations of minutes. You may get irritated when the talk time comes to an end suddenly. Then you have to get the extra talk time. You may not be able to communicate immediately with other people sometimes.

Things to be considered while select a prepaid mobile phone

When you plan to buy a prepaid mobile phone, consider the following tips carefully.

  • First calculate approximately about your talk time in minutes for one month. Compare the cost of calls with the call cost of the monthly cellular plans. If the prepaid scheme is cheaper than the post paid plan, sign in and get the service. For example, Virgin is a typical example of prepaid mobiles in the UK . It has two plans. You have to pay by minutes in one pay or you have to pay at the end of the month. If needed, you can use refill packs. This prepaid mobile covers around 50 states.
  • Make sure about the features to be included with the prepaid mobiles. You may be supposed to sacrifice certain featured to enjoy the advantage of prepaid service.
  • Check the network coverage of these prepaid mobiles.

Thus the prepaid mobile phones are criticized in one angle and appreciated in other angle.

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